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My three blogs cover projects in MediaBibliographies, and Articles. My bibliographies have been published over the years in various outlets.  They cover topics in island settlement, ethnology, music, and American Indians.

My publication catalog is on Academia. My main work focuses on  Joss Whedon, the celebrated screenwriter, producer, and director. My Whedon book is The Buffyverse Catalog from McFarland (winner of the Mr. Pointy Award for the Best Academic Book in Whedon Studies). A second research guide to all of Whedon’s work,  The Whedonverse Catalog, will be published in 2018. I have also completed the definitive critical bibliography on Whedon for Oxford University Press. I am a charter member of the Whedon Studies Association.

Coming from New Zealand, I’m interested in how prehistoric humans settled the planet’s more isolated islands, especially the “mystery islands” of East Polynesia and South Polynesia, as well as the prehistoric settlers of Great Nicobar (Indian Ocean) and Isla de los Estados (Patagonia).  I have also contributed to the history of Western Perthshire (Scotland), where my ancestors settled in the Dark Ages.

My other interests cover American Indians: the mysterious Haush Indians of Tierra del Fuego, as well as Oregon’s Chinookan, Siuslawan, and Athapaskan peoples. I maintain a popular resource on the Indian Languages of Western Oregon. I am occasionally a consultant on the rare Northwest Coast ceremonial artifacts known as Coppers. My latest publication about Coppers is The Purchase of the Nahuhulk, a “secret history” from the Tsimshian people, first recorded in 1916.

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