New Zealand Music, 1960-1987

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Discography of New Zealand Popular Music, 1960-1987: Rock, Jazz, Folk, Blues, and Bluegrass


This discography covers 1230 audio recordings by New Zealand rock, jazz, folk, blues and bluegrass musicians published between 1958 and 1987. It includes LPs, EPs and cassettes, but not singles or CDs. The discography was originally published in 1990 by the New Zealand Library Association under the title Sound recordings of New Zealand popular music.

blue pin100 Great Kiwi Songs 1960-1990


Rock and blues

Rock compilations


Jazz compilations

Folk and bluegrass

Folk and bluegrass compilations

Rock and blues

1. Able Tasmans The tired sun (EP). Flying Nun 1985.

2. Able Tasmans A cuppa tea and a lie down (LP). Flying Nun 1987.

3. Above Ground Gone Aiwa (cassette). Full Moon 1982.

4. Acid Reign Rain fall (cassette). Private recording 1985.

5. Actors The Actors (EP). Jayrem 1984.

6. Adderley, Tommy Tommy (LP). RCA 1965.

7. Aellian Blade Aellian Blade (LP). Atlantic 1979.

8. Air Aces Live (cassette). Industrial 1984.

9. Airlord Clockwork revenge (LP). Interfusion 197_.

10. All Fall Down My brand new wallpaper coat (EP). Flying Nun 1987.

11. Alpaca Brothers Legless (EP). Flying Nun 1986.

12. Alpha 2 Phenomena! (cassette). Ocean 1983.

13. Ao Rangi Light of the universe (cassette). Moana 1984.

14. Aotearoa Tihei Mauriora (LP). Jayrem 1985.

15. Aotearoa He waiata mo te iwi (LP). Jayrem 1986.

16. Appleton, David The truth (cassette). Rites 1986.

17. Aramoana/Coromandel Campaigns No smelter/no mining (LP). Private recording 1981.

18. Arnold, Peter Rarer than radium (EP). Flying Nun 1986.

19. Aspic Absconded damply (LP). Private recording 1981.

20. Auckland Walk Rhythmic tendencies (LP). WEA 1983.

21. Avant Garage Garage to gallery (cassette). Unsung 1983.

22. Avant Garage Music (LP). Unsung 1983.

23. Avengers Alive: Avengers in action (LP). EMI 1968.

24. Avengers Electric recording (LP). HMV 1968.

25. Avengers Medallion (LP). HMV 1969.

26. Axemen Axe of the apostles (cassette). Private recording 1983.

27. Axemen Mick’s dancefloor (cassette). Private recording 1983.

28. Axemen The pod (cassette). Private recording 1983.

29. Axemen Scenes like beads (cassette). Private recording 1983.

30. Axemen Big cheap motel (cassette). Private recording 1984.

31. Axemen Three virgins, three visions, three versions (LP). Flying Nun 1986.

32. Axemen Derry legend (LP). Flying Nun 1987.

33. Backdoor Blues Band The Backdoor Blues Band (EP). Jayrem 1985.

34. Bailter Space Nelsh (EP). Flying Nun 1987.

35. Ballon d’Essai This is the level crossing (EP). Flying Nun 1981.

36. Ballon d’Essai Grow up (EP). Flying Nun 1983.

37. Ballon d’Essai R.I.P. ’81-84 (cassette). Failsafe 1985.

38. Bats By night (EP). Flying Nun 1984.

39. Bats And here is “Music for the fireside” (EP). Flying Nun 1985.

40. Bats Completely Bats (LP). Flying Nun 1987.

41. Bats Daddy’s highway (LP). Flying Nun 1987.

42. Bedford Tours Christchurch to Dunedin (cassette). Every Secret Thing 1984.

43. Bell, Sandra Blackbirds (EP). Volcanic 1986.

44. Bell-Booth, Stephen Letting the people know (LP). Mushroom 1982.

45. Bell-Booth, Stephen Never look back (LP). Mushroom 1983.

46. Bennett, Ralph Live at El Clubbo, July 1-2, 1981 (cassette). Ima Hitt 1981.

47. Bennett, Ralph Daze in the country, nites on the town (cassette). Ima Hitt 1982.

48. Bennett, Ralph Sitting in silence, drowning in screams (cassette). Industrial 1984.

49. Bennett, Ralph Fat ‘n’ sassy (LP). Ode 1986.

50. Besser, Jonathon/Christopher Prosser Dark wind, spring rain (LP). Kiwi Pacific 1986.

51. Big Sideways Big Sideways (LP). Unsung 1983.

52. Bird Nest Roys Whack it all down (EP). Flying Nun 1985.

53. Bird Nest Roys Bird Nest Roys (LP). Flying Nun 1987.

54. Bisset, Bruce Bruce Bisset with Sunny Monday (cassette). Ima Hitt 1983.

55. Black Katz Black Katz go gamblin’ (cassette). Private recording 1986.

56. Black Sheep The Black Sheep (LP). Braille 1985.

57. Blackburn, Kim/Sandra Bell Two metallic hearts (cassette). Industrial 1984.

58. Blackburn, Kim Lizards in love (EP). Flying Nun 1986.

59. Blackfoot, J. D. Song of Crazy Horse (LP). Fantasy 1974.

60. Blam Blam Blam/Netherworld Dancing Toys The Blam Blam Blam story (LP). CBS 1984.

61. Blam Blam Blam Blam Blam Blam (EP). Propeller 1981.

62. Blam Blam Blam Maids to order (EP). Harlequin 1981.

63. Blam Blam Blam Luxury length (LP). Propeller 1982.

64. Bleak Eyed Dasher Tragedy begins at home (cassette). Every Secret Thing 1986.

65. Blerta This is the life (LP). HMW 1975.

66. Blerta Wild man (LP). Bus 1976.

67. Blond Comedy Generation day (EP). Mandrill 1982.

68. Body Electric The Body Electric (EP). Jayrem 1982.

69. Body Electric Presentation and reality (LP). Jayrem 1983.

70. Body Electric Dreaming in a life (EP). Jayrem 1984.

71. Boiled Owls Drive in vegetables (cassette). Private recording 1984.

72. Bong Bong Church Sigh (cassette). Snail 1986.

73. Bongos Windsor bash (cassette). Last Laugh 1984.

74. Bored Games Who killed Colonel Mustard? (EP). Flying Nun 1982.

75. Borich, Kevin/Dutch Tilders The blues had a baby (LP). Eureka 1980.

76. Borich, Kevin Celebration (LP). Philips 1977.

77. Borich, Kevin The lonely one (LP). Philips 1977.

78. Borich, Kevin Live (LP). Avenue 1979.

79. Borich, Kevin Angel’s hand (LP). Stunn 1980.

80. Borich, Kevin Kevin Borich Express (LP). Festival 1980.

81. Borich, Kevin Shy boys, shy girls (LP). Stunn 1983.

82. Bottletops/Toerag Flipside (EP). Onset Offset 1985.

83. Bottletops The world is jivin’ (EP). Onset Offset 1983.

84. Bottletops Spaceship (cassette). Private recording 1983.

85. Bowering, Phil Hiatus (cassette). Flamewave 1982.

86. Brazier, Graham Inside out (LP). Polydor 1981.

87. Breakaways Take a seacruise with the Breakaways (LP). HMV 1966.

88. Breakaways Album two (LP). HMV 1967.

89. Briefcase, Mary Jupiter: by ridge (cassette). Old Age 1982.

90. Briefcase, Mary Lucid dreams (cassette). Old Age 1984.

91. British Tits British Tits (EP). Private recording 1983.

92. Brown, Matthew At play with the spaces (LP). Ode 1983.

93. Brown, Wayne Roland Wayne Roland Brown (LP). Strange 1975.

94. Brown, Wayne Roland Stealer of hearts (LP). RCA 1980.

95. Brown, Wayne Roland Trick of the light (LP). RCA 1981.

96. Brown, Wayne Roland Fools and pretenders (LP). RCA 1982.

97. Bryant, Rick/Jive Bombers When I’m with you (LP). Jayrem 1984.

98. Bucket’s Full The Bucket’s Full (EP). Private recording 1984.

99. Bulldog’s Allstar Goodtime Band Bulldoggin’ (LP). EMI 1974.

100. Burga, Ted Time peace (LP). Music World 1982.

101. Butler Butler (LP). Family 1973.

102. Car Crash Set No accident (LP). Reaction 1984.

103. Car Crash Set Another day (EP). Reaction 1986.

104. Cardy, Robert Clipper itch (cassette). Private recording 1986.

105. Carlton Heston The amazing Carlton Heston (cassette). Industrial 1984.

106. Carrotz/Pastry Cooks Whatever happened to Donald Duck? Private recording 1983.

107. Casualty/Final Solution Hooper wasn’t here (cassette). Ima Hitt 1984.

108. Cement Garden The only one (EP). Meltdown 1986.

109. Chant The Chant (cassette). Private recording 1983.

110. Chapta Chapta one (LP). HMV 1970.

111. Chapta Open door (LP). HMV 1972.

112. Chicks The sound of the Chicks (LP). Viking 1967.

113. Chicks 2nd album (LP). Viking 1967.

114. Chicks A long time comin’ (LP). Polydor 1969.

115. Chicks Greatest hits (LP). Festival 1970.

116. Chicks Best of the Chicks (LP). Polydor 1970.

117. Chicks C’mon Chicks (LP). Polydor 1970.

118. Children’s Hour Flesh (EP). Flying Nun 1983.

119. Chills The “lost” Chills (EP). Flying Nun 1985.

120. Chills Kaleidoscope world (LP). Flying Nun 1986.

121. Chills Brave words (LP). Flying Nun 1987.

122. Circus Block 4 Take another look (EP). Jayrem 1984.

123. Circus Block 4 The coloured gate (LP). Jayrem 1986.

124. Citizen Band Citizen Band (LP). CBS 1978.

125. Citizen Band Just drove thru town (LP). CBS 1979.

126. Citizen Band CB bootleg (LP). CBS 1979.

127. Clarkson, Jay Jay Clarkson (EP). Flying Nun 1986.

128. Clarkson, Jeff Butterfly (cassette). Sun Energy 1983.

129. Clarkson, Jeff One to one (LP). Toast 1983.

130. Clean Boodle boodle boodle (EP). Flying Nun 1981.

131. Clean Great sounds great (EP). Flying Nun 1982.

132. Clean Odditties (cassette). Flying Nun 1982.

133. Clean Compilation (cassette). Flying Nun 1986.

134. Clean Live dead Clean (EP). Flying Nun 1986.

135. Clouston, Andrew The bag (funky barp) (EP). Eelman 1984.

136. Club Dada You like it?I’ll sell it! (cassette). Private recording 1984.

137. Club Dada Ennuiennuiennuie (cassette). Private recording 1984.

138. Coalition Untied shoelaces are dangerous (cassette). Private recording 1982.

139. Coalition Collaborators (cassette). Private recording 1983.

140. Coconut Rough Coconut Rough (LP). Mushroom 1984.

141. Coconut Rough It takes two to tango (EP). Mushroom 1985.

142. Collision Collision (LP). Interfusion 197_.

143. Coloured Braille Chronology (cassette). RJK 1982.

144. Coloured Braille Necrology (cassette). RJK 1982.

145. Columbus, Ray/Invaders Till we kissed (LP). Philips 1966.

146. Columbus, Ray The Ray Columbus album (LP). Impact 1968.

147. Columbus, Ray Hit tracks (LP). Polydor 1971.

148. Columbus, Ray Jangles, spangles and banners (LP). Family 1972.

149. Columbus, Ray His 14 greatest hits (LP). Family 1974.

150. Columbus, Ray Happy birthday rock ‘n’ roll (LP). RCA 1976.

151. Columbus, Ray Anthology (LP). Epic 1981.

152. Compos Mentis Why us? (cassette). Sound Mind 1985.

153. Compos Mentis Man’s inhumanity to man makes thousands mourn (cassette). Sound Mind 1985.

154. Compos Mentis A short history (cassette). Sound Mind 1986.

155. Confessor First sin (EP). Jayrem 1986.

156. Connolly, Lee/Steve Gerrish Past Kalylee (LP). RTC 1982.

157. Coup d’Etat Coup d’Etat (LP). Vertigo 1981.

158. Creation Creation (LP). Viking 1972.

159. Crocodiles Looking at ourselves (LP). RCA 1980.

160. Crocodiles Tears (LP). RCA 1980.

161. Crocodiles New wave goodbye (LP). Aura 1981.

162. Crowded House Crowded House (LP). Capitol 1986.

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163. Crystal Zoom/Gamaunche Live at the Ego Club (cassette). Private recording 1986.

164. Crystal Zoom More base (cassette). Private recording 1984.

165. Crystal Zoom Hooked on Crystal Zoom (cassette). Private recording 1986.

166. Curnow, Nat/Mick Raye The table committee (cassette). Tacomm 1985.

167. DD Smash Cool bananas (LP). Mushroom 1982.

168. DD Smash Live: deep in the heart of taxes (LP). Mushroom 1983.

169. DD Smash The optimist (LP). Mushroom 1984.

170. Dabs Love the army (EP). Propeller 1982.

171. Daggy and the Dickheads Brothers (EP). WEA 1982.

172. Dance Exponents Prayers be answered (LP). Mushroom 1983.

173. Dance Exponents Xmas cassette (cassette). Private recording 1984.

174. Dance Exponents Expectations (LP). Mushroom 1985.

175. Dance Exponents Amplifier (LP). Zulu 1986.

176. Danse Macabre Between the lines (EP). Reaction 1981.

177. Danse Macabre Last request (EP). Reaction 1982.

178. Day, Sonny Saving up (LP). RCA 1985.

179. Dayson, Willie Live at the Globe (LP). Private recording 1981.

180. Dayson, Willie Rogues and fools (LP). Festival 1982.

181. Dead Famous People Lost persons area (EP). Flying Nun 1987.

182. Dead Sea Scrolls Dead Sea Scrolls (EP). Jayrem 1986.

183. Dedikation The Dedikation (LP). Philips 1970.

184. Desire Desire (EP). WEA 1985.

185. Desperate Measures/Unauthorised Wasted again (cassette). Failsafe 1983.

186. Desperate Measures Desperate Measures (EP). Desperate Times 1982.

187. Devlin, Johnny Johnny (LP). Prestige 196_.

188. Devlin, Johnny Johnny Devlin’s surf club stomp (LP). Festival 196_.

189. Devlin, Johnny 24 original golden greats (LP). Music World 1981.

190. Diatribe Too lazy (EP). Warrior 1983.

191. Digits Dog wrestled to ground by underarm combat flea (LP). Sausage 1981.

192. Direen, Bill Six impossible things (EP). Private recording 1981.

193. Direen, Bill Soloman’s ball (EP). Flying Nun 1981.

194. Direen, Bill High thirties piano (EP). Flying Nun 1982.

195. Direen, Bill Schwimmin in der see (EP). Flying Nun 1982.

196. Direen, Bill Live at the Gladstone (cassette). South Indies 1983.

197. Direen, Bill Feast of frogs (EP). South Indies 1983.

198. Direen, Bill Beatin heart (LP). South Indies 1983.

199. Direen, Bill Split seconds (LP). South Indies 1984.

200. Direen, Bill Let’s play (LP). South Indies 1985.

201. Direen, Bill CoNCH3 (LP). South Indies 1985.

202. Direen, Bill The cup (EP). South Indies 1987.

203. Direen, Bill Sound cues (LP). South Indies 1987.

204. Direen, Bill/Barry Stockley Life in bars (EP). South Indies 1987.

205. Divyanand Boundless skies (cassette). Visions 1980.

206. Divyanand Conversations (cassette). Sun Energy 1983.

207. Dobbyn, Dave Footrot Flats: the dog’s tale (LP). Magpie 1986.

208. Dolls House The Dolls House (cassette). Ima Hitt 1983.

209. Donoghue, John The spirit of Pelorus Jack (LP). Ode 1973.

210. Donoghue, John Timberjack Donoghue (LP). Ode 1975.

211. Donovan, Nikkola Nikkola and Ford Street (EP). Buru 1986.

212. Dosage-B Excuse me, big nose (EP). Meltdown 1985.

213. Double Happys Cut it out (EP). Flying Nun 1986.

214. Doyle, Pat Pat Doyle (cassette). Nightshift 1986.

215. Dragon Universal radio (LP). Vertigo 1973.

216. Dragon Scented gardens for the blind (LP). Vertigo 1974.

217. Dragon Sunshine (LP). CBS 1977.

218. Dragon Running free (LP). CBS 1977.

219. Dragon O Zambezi (LP). CBS 1978.

220. Dragon Power play (LP). CBS 1979.

221. Dragon Greatest hits, volume 1 (LP). CBS 1979.

222. Dragon Greatest hits, volume 2 (LP). CBS 1979.

223. Dragon Body and the beat (LP). Polydor 1984.

224. Dragon Live one (LP). Polydor 1985.

225. Dragon Dreams of ordinary men (LP). Polydor 1986.

226. Dread Beat and Blood Tribute to a friend (LP). Jayrem 1985.

227. Dread Beat and Blood No more war (EP). Jayrem 1987.

228. Drongos The Drongos (LP). Proteus 1982.

229. Drongos Small miracles (EP). WEA 1985.

230. Th’ Dudes Where are the boys? (LP). Key 1980.

231. Th’ Dudes So you wanna be a rock and roll star? (EP). Key 1982.

232. Dum Dum Boys Let there be noise (LP). Bondage 1982.

233. Ebony Ebony (LP). Polydor 1974.

234. Ebony Skye If you want to be king (LP). Ode 1987.

235. Ecnalg Looking back (cassette). Ima Hitt 1984.

236. Economic Wizards Starve the lizards (EP). Eelman 1984.

237. Economic Wizards The second coming (EP). Eelman 1985.

238. Eggleton, David God defend New Zealand (cassette). Ocean 1985.

239. 1860 Band The 1860 Band (LP). Ode 1978.

240. 1860 Band Von Tempsky (LP). Ode 1979.

241. Electric Blood Acoustic splendour (cassette). Every Secret Thing 1983.

242. Electric Blood Black Bess (cassette). Every Secret Thing 1983.

243. Electric Blood In the beginning (cassette). Every Secret Thing 1983.

244. Electric Blood Mr. Green and the sea of eternity (cassette). Every Secret Thing 1983.

245. Electric Blood Ohio (cassette). Every Secret Thing 1983.

246. Electric Blood Electric Easter (cassette). Every Secret Thing 1984.

247. Electric Blood Pearl of the plain (cassette). Every Secret Thing 1984.

248. Electric Blood Actual stuff (cassette). Every Secret Thing 1985.

249. Electric Blood Greatest hits live (cassette). Every Secret Thing 1985.

250. Electric Blood The wizard (cassette). Every Secret Thing 1986.

251. End The Paris connection (EP). Meltdown 1986.

252. Eric Glandy Memorial Big Band Adrenal Glandy: songs of love, hate and revenge (LP). Flying Nun 1984.

253. Eskimos The first five (cassette). Snail 1986.

254. Evasive Action Looking for a battlefield (cassette). Failsafe 1984.

255. Expendables Big strain (EP). Flying Nun 1983.

256. Expendables In between gears (LP). Flying Nun 1985.

257. Exploding Budgies The grotesque singers (EP). Flying Nun 1985.

258. Family Mallet Bosch’s bottom (LP). Braille 1986.

259. Farmyard Farmyard (LP). Polydor 197_.

260. Farmyard Back to fronting (LP). Polydor 197_.

261. Fear of Extinction Fear of Extinction (EP). Private recording 1984.

262. Feehan, David Ballade (LP). Circular 1985.

263. Fetus Productions Untitled (LP). Private recording 1981.

264. Fetus Productions Self manipulation (cassette). Last Laugh 1982.

265. Fetus Productions Fetalmania (EP). Flying Nun 1983.

266. Fetus Productions Japanese boxed tape (cassette). Private recording 1983.

267. Fetus Productions Environmental (LP). Private recording 1984.

268. Fetus Productions The perfect product (EP). Private recording 1985.

269. Fetus Productions Luminous trails (LP). Flying Nun 1986.

270. 55 Polish Workers Happy times baby (cassette). Industrial 1984.

271. Finn, Tim Escapade (LP). Enz 1983.

272. Finn, Tim Big canoe (LP). Virgin 1986.

273. Fishschool Present pastimes (cassette). Ima Hitt 1983.

274. Five Layers of Carbon By the whites of your nails (cassette). Industrial 1983.

275. Five Year Mission/Armatrak Together as one (EP). Private recording 1986.

276. Flak/8 Living Legs Emigration (EP). Flying Nun 1984.

277. Flak Monitor (cassette). Industrial 1983.

278. Flak Flak (EP). Flying Nun 1984.

280. Flesh D-Vice 12″ of hard Flesh (EP). Jayrem 1983.

281. Flesh D-Vice Some blood-stained morning (LP). Jayrem 1984.

282. Flesh D-Vice Secrets of the estranged (LP). Jayrem 1985.

283. Flesh D-Vice All my sins (remembered) (EP). Jayrem 1987.

284. Fold The Fold (EP). Flying Nun 1985.

285. Fold The Fold (LP). Flying Nun 1986.

286. Four Volts Something’s burning (LP). Braille 1986.

287. Fourmyula The Fourmyula (LP). HMV 1968.

288. Fourmyula Creation (LP). HMV 1970.

289. Fourmyula Portrait of the Fourmyula (LP). Axis 1974.

290. Free Radicals Polarities (LP). Private recording 1983.

291. Free Radicals Free Radicals (LP). South Indies 1987.

292. Freudian Slips Slips on the line (EP). Jayrem 1984.

293. Freudian Slips Are you laughing? (EP). Jayrem 1985.

294. Frocks The Frocks (cassette). Private recording 1985.

295. From Scratch From Scratch perform rhythm works (LP). Private recording 1979.

296. From Scratch Three pieces from Gung Ho 1,2,3D (LP). RCA 1982.

297. From Scratch Pacific 3,2,1 zero part 1/Drum Song (LP). Flying Nun 1985.

298. From Scratch Pacific 3,2,1 zero parts 1 and 2 (cassette). Private recording 1986.

299. Fusion Can’t trust a king (cassette). Ocean 1981.

300. Gamble, Hammond Hammond Gamble (LP). WEA 1981.

301. Gamble, Hammond Every whisper shouts (LP). CSM 1983.

302. Garth Spirit voyage (cassette). Sun Energy 1984.

303. Garth Returning to love (cassette). IKA 1986.

304. Gash, Graeme After the carnival (LP). Siren 1981.

305. Gillespie, Wayne Wayward son (LP). Wizard 1984.

306. Gillespie, Wayne New locations (LP). CBS 1986.

307. Glass/Skank Attack Live (cassette). Private recording 1986.

308. Gloria’s Peccadilloes You never had it this fresh (EP). Ode 1985.

309. Goblin Mix Goblin Mix (EP). Flying Nun 1985.

310. Goblin Mix The birth and death of Goblin Mix (EP). Flying Nun 1986.

311. Golden Harvest Golden Harvest (LP). Key 1978.

312. Gordons Future shock (EP). Flying Nun 1980.

313. Gordons The Gordons (LP). Flying Nun 1981.

314. Gordons Gordons 2 (LP). Flying Nun 1984.

315. Gotham City Express Gotham City Express (LP). Reaction 1986.

316. Grammar Boys Daring feats (LP). EMI 1983.

317. Great Unwashed Clean out of our minds (LP). Flying Nun 1983.

318. Great Unwashed Singles (EP). Flying Nun 1984.

319. Green Eggs and Ham German babies (EP). Propeller 1982.

320. Grenville, Bruce Hints of perception (cassette). Ocean 1981.

321. Grindlay, Murray Murray Grindlay (LP). Zodiac 1977.

322. Grindlay, Murray Monte Video (LP). Mushroom 1983.

323. Gunson, Dave Stone city living (LP). Fig 197_.

324. Gurlz The Gurlz (EP). RTC 1982.

325. Haemogoblins Psychodelicatessen (LP). South Indies 1986.

326. Handful of Dust A fortnight dead (cassette). Private recording 1984.

327. Hanlon, John Floating (LP). Family 1973.

328. Hanlon, John Garden fresh (LP). Family 1974.

329. Hanlon, John Higher trails (LP). Family 1975.

330. Hanlon, John Use your eyes (LP). Family 1976.

331. Harvey, Mike Great expectations (LP). EMI 1978.

332. Hattie and the Havana Hotshots Hattie and the Havana Hotshots (LP). Ode 1981.

333. Havoc, Gary Gary Havoc and the Hurricanes (LP). RTC 1980.

334. Havoc, Gary Havoc! (EP). RTC 1981.

335. Haystack As we appear (LP). Tree 1977.

336. Headband Happen out (LP). Harvest 1973.

337. Headband Rock garden (LP). Key 1975.

338. Headless Chickens Headless Chickens (EP). Flying Nun 1986.

339. Hello Sailor Hello Sailor (LP). Key 1977.

340. Hello Sailor Pacifica amour (LP). Key 1978.

341. Hello Sailor Last chance to dance (EP). Key 1982.

342. Hello Sailor Shipshape and Bristol fashion (LP). Zulu 1986.

343. Henchmen Do the maelstrom (EP). Cadaver 1983.

344. Henchmen We’ve come to play (LP). Cadaver 1983.

345. Henchmen Excelsior obermensch (LP). Cadaver 1985.

346. Heptocrats Heptocrats (cassette). Industrial 1983.

347. Herbs What’s be happen? (LP). Warrior 1981.

348. Herbs Light of the Pacific (LP). Warrior 1982.

349. Herbs Long ago (LP). Warrior 1984.

350. Herbs Sensitive to a smile (LP). Warrior 1987.

351. Herco Pilots Herco Pilots (EP). Private recording 198_.

352. Hi-Revving Tongues The Tongues (LP). Zodiac 197_.

353. Hi-Revving Tongues Tropic of Capricorn (LP). Philips 197_.

354. Highway Highway (LP). EMI 1971.

355. Hip Singles Play up (LP). Hit Singles 1983.

356. Hodzelmuzik Auxiliary bystander (cassette). Ocean 1981.

357. Hogsnort Rupert All our own work (LP). EMI 1969.

358. Hogsnort Rupert Have a Hogsnort Rupert summer (LP). EMI 1969.

359. Hogsnort Rupert It’s Hogsnort Rupert (LP). Mardi Gras 1970.

360. Hogsnort Rupert Ways of making you laugh (LP). HMV 1971.

361. Hogsnort Rupert Portrait of Hogsnort Rupert (LP). Axis 1975.

362. Hulamen Beer and skittles (EP). Eelman 1982.

363. Human Instinct Burning up years (LP). Pye 1969.

364. Human Instinct Stoned guitar (LP). Air 1970.

365. Human Instinct Pins in it (LP). Pye 1971.

366. Human Instinct Snatmin cuthin? (LP). Zodiac 1972.

367. Human Instinct The hustler (LP). Zodiac 1972.

368. Hunter, Marc Fiji bitter (LP). CBS 1979.

369. Hunter, Marc Big city talk (LP). Mercury 1981.

370. Hurley, Luke Japanese overdrive (cassette). Lotus 1984.

371. Hurley, Luke Trax (cassette). Lotus 1984.

372. Hurley, Luke Policestate (LP). Lotus 1986.

373. Hurley, Luke Make room (LP). Jayrem 1986.

374. Hyphen-Smythe Bad-ass (LP). TV Eye 1984.

375. Hyphenears Beetroot in orbit (cassette). TV Eye 1982.

376. Hyphenears The hamburg (cassette). TV Eye 1982.

377. Hyphenears Lycanthropy (cassette). TV Eye 1983.

378. Hyphenears Garden of lycanthropy (EP). TV Eye 1984.

379. Hyphenears What are stars? (LP). Flying Nun 1984.

380. Idles Agroculture (EP). Jayrem 1984.

381. Idles Tuesday: live at Mainstreet (LP). Jayrem 1984.

382. If Bill (cassette). Private recording 1985.

383. If Terminal (EP). Private recording 1986.

384. Inbetweens The Inbetweens (LP). Key 1976.

385. Incidentals Hope (cassette). Private recording 1986.

386. Intravenous de Milo Intravenous de Milo (cassette). Rites 1984.

387. Jamboree Meltdown (EP). Jayrem 1985.

388. Jamboree Independence day (EP). Hit Singles 1986.

390. Jean-Paul Sarte Experience Jean-Paul Sarte Experience (EP). Flying Nun 1986.

391. Jean-Paul Sarte Experience Love songs (LP). Flying Nun 1987.

392. Jefferies, Peter At swim 2 birds (LP).
393. Flying Nun 1986.

393. Jonahs Bills of happiness (EP).
395. Burnt Offerings 1987.

394. Jousting Vandals Ground level (cassette). Every Secret Thing 1985.

395. Judd, Phil Private lives (LP). Mushroom 1983.

396. Jungle Suite A walk of snipe (LP). Braille 1985.

397. Junglemice Start again (EP). EMI 1985.

398. Junglemice Live at the Cricketers (cassette). Private recording 1986.

399. Junkanoo/Dillinger’s Brain Junkanoo/Dillinger’s Brain (LP). Private recording 1986.

400. Kal-q-lated Risk Holding our own (LP). HMV 1972.

401. Kawachi, Yuski Non-U (cassette). Private recording 1985.

402. King, Peter Summertime (cassette). Thunderbolt 1984.

403. King, Peter Cloud nine (cassette). Thunderbolt 1985.

404. Kites Umbiblical chords (cassette). Private recording 1984.

405. Kiwi Animal Wartime (EP). RGS 1984.

406. Kiwi Animal Music media (LP). Massage 1984.

407. Kiwi Animal Mercy (LP). Massage 1985.

408. Knightshade Out for the count (EP). Reaction 1986.

409. Knightshade The physical you (EP). Reaction 1987.

410. Knobz Sudden exposure (LP). WEA 1981.

411. Knobz Roads to Rome (LP). WEA 1982.

412. Knox, Chris Songs for cleaning guppies (EP). Flying Nun 1982.

413. Knox, Chris AD 1987 (cassette). Walking Monk 1987.

414. Kuhtze Band No ordinary band (EP). KLP 1986.

415. La-De-Das The La-De-Das (LP). Philips 1967.

416. La-De-Das Find us a way (LP). Philips 1967.

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737. Split Enz Homepage

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842. Verlaines Juvenilia (LP). Homestead 1987.

843. Verlaines Bird-dog (LP). Flying Nun 1987.

844. Vespas/John Genet Only naked (EP). Records Revolving 1986.

845. Vibraslaps Vibraslaps (EP). Flying Nun 1984.

846. Victor Dimisich Band Native waiter (EP). Flying Nun 1982.

847. Victor Dimisich Band The Victor Dimisich Band (EP). Flying Nun 1983.

848. Vietnam Vietnam (EP). Jayrem 1985.

849. Vividly Anonymous Music for the lunch hour (cassette). Ima Hitt 1984.

850. Voxtrot Depression (cassette). Private recording 1986.

851. Wait Odd numbers (EP). Ode 1986.

852. Wangs Seven songs (cassette). Private recording 1983.

853. Warners Elsie’s got a gun (EP). Meltdown 1986.

853. Wasp Factory The wasp factory (LP). F Star 1986.

854. Wasp Factory Hick hate (EP). F Star 1987.

855. Wastrels The Jenner affair (EP). Hit Singles 1983.

856. Waters, Sonya No pain (EP). Ripper 1983.

857. Watson, David Reference (LP). Braille 1986.

858. Waves Waves (LP). Direction 1975.

859. Wayward Witches Trouble’s brewing (cassette). Private recording 1984.

860. Weeds Soundtrack to the story (cassette). Every Secret Thing 1984.

861. Weeds Pay it all back (cassette). Every Secret Thing 1985.

862. Whitcombe, Gary Seeds in the ground (cassette). Ocean 1981.

863. Whittle, Annie Annie (LP). EMI 1976.

864. Whittle, Annie Away and laughing (LP). EMI 1979.

865. Wild Poppies Heroine (LP). Poppie 1987.

866. Williams, Mark Mark Williams (LP). EMI 1974.

867. Williams, Mark Sweet trials (LP). EMI 1975.

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870. Williams, Mark Life after dark (LP). CBS 1979.

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873. Wood, Hayden Out of the wood (LP). CBS 1972.

874. Working with Walt Five sides (EP). Jayrem 1986.

875. World Seven songs (cassette). Every Secret Thing 1984.

876. Worst The Worst 81-84 (cassette). Portobello 1986.

877. Wreck Small Speakers on Expensive Stereos My blue fairy godmother (LP). Wrecked 1983.

878. Wreck Small Speakers on Expensive Stereos 3 V.M. (EP). Wrecked 1983.

879. Wreck Small Speakers on Expensive Stereos Cave (cassette). Every Secret Thing 1984.

880. Wreck Small Speakers on Expensive Stereos Over my skull (cassette). Every Secret Thing 1984.

881. Wreck Small Speakers on Expensive Stereos Worlds fall apart (cassette). Every Secret Thing 1984.

882. Wreck Small Speakers on Expensive Stereos A summer in Taradale (cassette). Private recording 1985.

883. Wreck Small Speakers on Expensive Stereos River falling love (EP). Flying Nun 1987.

884. XL Capris. Weeds (LP). Powderworks 1981.

885. Yen, Jonny Stagestruck (EP). WEA 1981.

886. Yeoman, Natalie Yule New beginnings (LP). Ode 1986.

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888. Zagni, Ivan/ Don McGlashan Standards (LP). Propeller 1982.

889. Zagni, Ivan/Peter Scholes Four minute exposure (cassette). Unsung 1983.

890. Zagni, Ivan/Steve Garden A selection of trouble spots (LP). Ode 1984.

891. Zagni, Ivan London ’79 (cassette). Unsung 1983.

892. Zoo Cowboys and engines (LP). XSF 1982.

Rock Music Compilations

1. Accident compilation (cassette) incl: Channel Four, Gordons, Haemogoblins, Newtones, Triffids, YFC. Failsafe 1984.

2. AK 79 (LP) incl: Swingers, Scavengers, Terrorways, Toy Love. Ripper 1979.

3. All dressed up and no place to play (LP) incl: Autobahn, Broken Edge, Chinese Eyes, Plastic Pegs. Ode 1984.

4. Allsorts (LP) incl: Shona Laing, Lindsay Marks, Split Ends [sic], Brent Parlane, Ticket, Tolepuddle. Fontana 1973.

5. Anti-nuclear celebration (cassette) incl: Pamela Gray, Marie and the Atom, Martial Law, Miltown Stowaways, Velvet Vipers. Last Laugh 1984.

6. Art for chart sake (LP) incl: Baxters, Idles, Sharks, Spaghettis. Rational 1986.

7. Attack from Downunda (LP) incl: Blitz, Confessor, Knightshade, Strikemaster, Tokyo. Receiver 1986.

8. Auckland music (LP) incl: Kingsize, Lip Service, Rock Candy, Urban Road. RTC 1978.

9. Barking up the right tree (LP) incl: Dance Exponents, Dave Dobbyn, Hulamen, Herbs, Mockers, Neighbours, Pop Mechanix, Screaming Meemees. Jayrem 1983.

10. Biding our time (cassette) incl: Bird Nest Roys, Chills, Jay Clarkson, Desperate Tricycles, Sneaky Feelings, Spines, Stones. Failsafe 1986.

11. Big Southern hits (cassette) incl: Axemen, Bats, Electric Blood, Gamaunche, Puddle. Every Secret Thing 1984.

12. Brainshake (cassette) incl: Impeccable Nasals, Say Yes to Apes. TV Eye 1984.

13. Bridge to nowhere soundtrack (LP) incl: Ardijah, Low Profile, Marginal Era, Obscure Desire, Peking Man. Pagan 1986.

14. Capital Kaos (LP) incl: Flesh D-Vice, No Tag, Riot 3. Jayrem 1984.

15. Celebration part one (LP) incl: Bedlum, Blerta, Steve Gilpin, Goose Creek, Corben Simpson. Strange 1975.

16. Class of ’81 (LP) incl: Ainsworths, Killjoys, Newmatics, Rhythm Method. Propeller 1981.

17. Crossing the tracks (LP) incl: Beaver, Flyers, Midge Marsden, Neville Purvis, Jan Preston, Red Alert. Private recording 1978.

18. Death pays all debts (cassette) incl: Armatrak, Casualty, Compos Mentis. Battery Hen 1986.

19. Donkey and the albatross (EP) incl: Bill Direen, G.O.D., Debbie Hinden, Puddle. Onset Offset 1983.

20. Doobie do disc (LP) incl: Features, Newmatics, Spelling Mistakes, Techtones. Propeller 1982.

21. Dunedin one (LP) incl: Chills, Sneaky Feelings, Stones. Flying Nun 1982.

22. Dunedin’s underground (cassette) incl: Grant Fox, Chris McDonald, Steve Thomas. Fringe 1986.

23. EQ Stereo Music Magazine (cassette) incl: Blam Blam Blam, Bongos, Mantra. EQ 1982.

24. Fast sides always get played at parties (LP) incl: Mike Bradley, Andrew Kirk, Marching Orders, Ruinz. Capture 1983.

25. Final mix (LP) incl: Coup d’Etat, Crocodiles, Midge Marsden, Swingers, Techtones, Ticket. Mandrill 1982.

26. Flowers in the spring (cassette) incl: Martin the Martian, Red Orchestra, Witchdoctors, Wreck Small Speakers. Private recording 1983.

27. Four stars (LP) incl: Beat Rhythm Fashion, Life in the Fridge Exists, Naked Spots Dance, Wallsockets. Sausage 1980.

28. Furtive four 3-piece pack (LP) incl: Bongos, Dabs, Prime Movers, Skeptics. Furtive 1982.

29. Get up and go (videocass) incl: Bats, Connoisseurs, Nicola Donovan, Scorched Earth Policy. Onset Offset 1986.

30. Goat’s milk soup (LP) incl: Instigators, Newmatics, Screaming Meemees, Toy Love. Ripper 1981.

31. Godzone metal, volume one (LP) incl: Astaroth, Harlot, Rose Bayonet, Tyrant. NZ Metal 1983.

32. Goodbye pork pie soundtrack (LP) incl: John Charles, Street Talk. WEA 1980.

33. Handle with care (LP) incl: Freeway, Ha Ha Bonk, Prowlers, Schemers, Urban Sprawl. Capture 1986.

34. Hauraki homegrown ’80 (LP) incl: Memos, Rhythm Method, Top Scientists, Valentinos. Ripper 1980.

35. Hauraki homegrown ’81 (LP) incl: Kairo, Narcs, Tempos, Tenants. Hauraki 1981.

36. Hepton music festival (cassette). Every Secret Thing 1986.

37. Hiroshima Day ’82 CND concert (cassette) incl: Alpha 2, Rosemary Hollins, Bill Millett, Michael Morrissey, Red Flag Bush Band. CND 1982.

38. Hits and myths ’83 (LP) incl: Blam Blam Blam, Crocodiles, Dance Exponents. XSF 1983.

39. Hits and myths (LP) incl: Citizen Band, Crocodiles, Dragon, Hello Sailor, Schtung, Toy Love. XSF 1980.

40. Home grown, volume one (LP) incl: Bacchus, Bill Lake, Rough Justice, Smashed Executive, Wide Mouthed Frogs, Wonders. Radio Windy 1979.

41. How was the air up there? (LP) incl: Avengers, Breakaways, Fourmyula, Hi Revving Tongues, La-De-Das, Larry’s Rebels, Invaders, Pleazers, Underdogs. K-Tel 1979.

42. I just flew in from Invercargill, and boy are my arms tired! (cassette) incl: Janet Thompsons, Kefflins, Say Yes to Apes. TV Eye 1984.

43. Ima cassette thing (cassette) incl: Ralph Bennett, Kiwi Animal, Otis Mace, Smelly Feet. Ima Hitt 1983.

44. In the blue vein (LP) incl: Blues Dredge, Gutbucket, Capel Hopkins, Val Murphy, Andrew Parata, Supernatural Blues Band. Ode 197_.

45. K9 kix (videocassette) incl: Builders, Dillinger’s Brain, McGoohans, Max Quitz, Toerag. Onset Offset 1986.

46. Kiwifruit salad (LP) incl: Big Sideways, Car Crash Set, Freudian Slips, Idles, Low Profile, Marginal Era, Miltown Stowaways, National Anthem, Spines. Jayrem 1984.

47. Last rumba (LP) incl: 8 Living Legs, Heptocrats, Phantom Forth, Tall Dwarfs. Flying Nun 1983.

48. Listen to the colours of the world (LP) incl: Ebony, Friends of Goose Creek, Corben Simpson, Sunday’s Problem. Strange 1973.

49. Live in Christchurch (LP) incl: Blerta, Lutha, Quincy Conserve, Desna Sisarich. EMI 1972.

50. Loxene Golden Disc 1970 (LP) incl: Fourmyula, Hamilton County, Hogsnort Rupert, Inbetweens, Kal-q-lated Risk, Quincy Conserve, Revival. Loxene 1970.

51. Loxene Golden Disc 1971 (LP) incl: Chapta, Ray Columbus, Fourmyula, Hamilton County, Kal-q-lated Risk, Timberjack. Loxene 1971.

52. Loxene Golden Disc 1972 (LP) incl: Blerta, Chapta, Creation, Headband, Quincy Conserve, Timberjack. Loxene 1972.

53. Madness To Mana (LP) incl: I-Shence, Tim Golder, Subdominants. Morehu Music 1987.

54. Meltdown town (LP) incl: Cement Garden, Iceland Bars, Polar Bears, Remarkables, Swiss Kids. Meltdown 1986.

55. More hits and myths (LP) incl: Newmatics, Pop Mechanix, Split Enz, Swingers, Toy Love. XSF 1982.

56. Music to do the dishes to (cassette) incl: Blue Ice, Early Carvings, Go Cats, No Idea, Red Square, Skeptics. Ima Hitt 1983.

57. Nambassa Festival 1979 (LP) incl: Bamboo, Flight 77, Sam Ford’s Verandah Band, Living Force, Schtung. Stetson 1979.

58. New Zealand gold, volume two (LP) incl: Avengers, Fourmyula, Kal-q-lated Risk, Max Merritt, Quincy Conserve. EMI 1979.

59. New Zealand gold (LP) incl: Blerta, Chapta, Fourmyula, Headband, Link, Simple Image, Space Waltz. EMI 1977.

60. New Zealand superhits (LP) incl: Blerta, Creation, Fourmyula, Dinah Lee, Simple Image, Space Waltz. Axis 197_.

61. New Zealand’s top 12 groups (LP) incl: Beech, Dragon, Headband, Link, Ragnarok, Space Waltz, Split Enz, Waves. TMA 1976.

62. Nightmovin’ live (LP) incl: Kevin Borich, Dragon, Mother Goose. Mushroom 1977.

63. Nightshift one (cassette) incl: Blind Spies, Dumbwaiters, My Three Sons, Red Squad. Nightshift 1982.

64. Nightshift two (cassette) incl: Bats, Haemogoblins, McNaughton and Craw, Scoyos. Nightshift 1984.

65. Odd sox crawl (cassette) incl: Dave Brown, Mountain Man, Sunny Monday. Ima Hitt 1983.

66. Off the deep end: the Wellington festival of new and experimental music (cassette) incl: Jonathon Besser, Anthony Donaldson, Neil Duncan, Otis Mace, Stuart Porter. City Art Gallery 1983.

67. Out of the corners (LP) incl: Hilary King, Val Murphy, Hattie St. John, Mahina Tocker, Topp Twins. Web 1982.

68. Outnumbered by sheep (LP) incl: Kim Blackburn, Headless Chickens, Pterodactyls, Nick Smith. Radio BFM 1986.

69. Pacific messages (LP) incl: Noel Connolly, Steve Gerrish, Mahia Blackmore, Shona Laing, Ross Mullins. Ode 1986.

70. Package to sell (LP) incl: Aotearoa, Dread Beat and Blood, Lot 49, Roman Antix, Spines, Step Chant Unit, Tin Syndrome, Vacuum. Jayrem 1985.

71. Pagan shakedown (LP) incl: Lonesome Cowboys, Morlochs, Rhythm Cage, War Brides. Pagan 1987.

72. Queen Street rocker soundtrack (LP) incl: Ardijah, Dave McArtney, No Tag, Pistol. Pagan 1986.

73. Rip, shit or bust (LP) incl: Androids, Instigators, Screaming Meemees, Terrorways. Ripper 1983.

74. Rising from the ashes (cassette) incl: Corrective Training, Five Year Mission, K4, Rex the Fish. Rites 1984.

75. Rising from the ashes, volume two (cassette) incl: Armatrak, Boner, Compos Mentis. Rites 1984.

76. Rockin in the streets (LP) incl: Blue Flames, Rank and File, Wild Matadors. Ode 1983.

77. Sampler (LP) incl: Bulldogs, Alan Galbraith, Rockinghorse, Mark Williams. EMI 1974.

78. Say something (LP) incl: Circus Block 4, Freudian Slips, Herbs, National Anthem, Peking Man, Pelicans, Ten Foot Faces, Vietnam. Jayrem 1985.

79. Shazam Battle of the Bands 1983 (LP) incl: Blue Rock, Marching Orders, Moving Targets. Interfusion 1983.

80. Solo soundtrack (LP) incl: Marion Arts, Robbie Laven, David Fraser. EMI 1978.

81. Songs from banana dominion (LP) incl: Body Electric, Diatribe, Hammond Gamble, Netherworld Dancing Toys, Pelicans. Jayrem 1984.

82. Songs from the lowland (cassette) incl: Axemen, Bats, Builders, Double Happys, Look Blue Go Purple, The World. Every Secret Thing 1984.

83. South (cassette) incl: Tinnitus, Camelias, Lead Leg, Tall Dwarfs, Actifed Blues, The Bats. Failsafe 1987.

84. Southern bands (LP) incl: Friar Tuck, Glide Band, Porkchops, Weaver, Ripp. Robbins 1976.

85. Spanner in the works (cassette) incl: Exploding Budgies, Flak, Phantom Forth, Stridulators, Vibraslaps. Industrial 1984.

86. Strange party album (LP) incl: Steve Gilpin, Reece Kirk, Corben Simpson, Sunday’s Problem. Strange 1973.

87. This island (LP) incl: Idles, IQU, Jive Bombers, Kairo, Marginal Era, Pelicans, Working with Walt. Jayrem 1984.

88. Three points of metal (LP) incl: Knightshade, Strikemaster, Tokyo. Jayrem 1984.

89. Three voices (LP) incl: David Bowater, Lee Connolly, Rob Sinclair. Unsung 1982.

90. Tuatara (LP) incl: Bats, Chills, Clean, Gordons, Verlaines. Flying Nun 1985.

91. Twelve big Kiwi hits (LP) incl: Ebony, Steve Gilpin, Shona Laing, Mantis, Ticket. Philips 1974.

92. Twenty Impact golden hits (LP) incl: Challenge, Inbetweens, Larry’s Rebels, Tramline. Impact 1971.

93. Twenty solid krypton hits, volumes one and two (LP) incl: Axemen, Bats, Evasive Action, Gorillas, McGoohans. Onset Offset 1982.

94. Unexplored (LP) incl: Big Sideways, Blam Blam Blam, Johnny Bongo, Screaming Meemees, Sonya Waters. Strange Weekend 1986.

95. Uptown Friday (cassette) incl: Heptocrats, Kiwi Animal, Papakura Post Office. Industrial 1983.

96. Volcanix acoustic compilation (cassette). Volcanic 1986.

97. We’ll do our best (LP) incl: Car Crash Set, Diatribe, Terror of Tinytown, Wastrels Propeller 1983.

98. Weird culture, weird custom (LP) incl: Cassandra’s Ears, Crawbilly Creeps, Pikelets, Putty In Her Hands, Remarkables. Jayrem 1986.

99. Weirdicats (cassette) incl: Avacadoes, Legacy of Ears, Say Yes to Apes, Semolina Island. TV Eye 1983.

100. Welcome to Midem (LP) incl: Jeff Clarkson, Low Profile, Mockers, Idles, Space Case. Midem Committee 1985.

101. Wellingtonzone (LP) incl: Beat Rhythm Fashion, Digits, Mockers, Steroids. Bunk 1981.

102. Whirlpool (LP) incl: Robin Chadwick, Jos Hodzelmans. Ocean 1981.

103. Whistle up a wind (cassette) incl: In a Circle, Moas, Orange, Puddle, Weeds. Every Secret Thing 1986.


New Zealand Jazz Online

1. Avery, Ken Jazz at the Casa Fontana, Wellington (cassette). Private recording 1958.

2. Bailey, Judy Colours (LP). Eureka 1976.

3. Bailey, Judy Solo (LP). Eureka 1977.

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12. Broadbent, Alan Song of home (LP). Tartar 1985.

13. Broadhurst, Phil/Colin Hemmingsen Sustenance (LP). Kiwi Pacific 1983.

14. Broadhurst, Phil/Colin Hemmingsen Playing with fire (LP). Kiwi Pacific 1984.

15. Buchanan, Stu Makin’ tracks (LP). Peak 197_.

16. Chisholm, George Resolution (LP). Ode 1985.

17. Clark, Kevin/Fran Barton On Saturday (LP). Ode 1975.

18. Darktown Strutters Jazz the way it used to be, volume one (LP). Kiwi Pacific 1982.

19. Darktown Strutters Jazz the way it used to be, volume two (LP). Kiwi Pacific 1982.

20. Darktown Strutters Power assisted! (LP). Tartar 1983.

21. Davison, Phil Songs for the dead at Grandamak (LP). Private recording 198_.

22. Dr. Tree Dr. Tree (LP). EMI 1976.

23. Eureka Jazz Gentlemen The roaring ’20s (LP). Five Star 1974.

24. Fitzgerald, Jacqui The masquerade is over (LP). Tartar 1985.

25. Fox, Louis/Rodger Fox Mana College Concert and Stage Band (LP). Ode 1979.

26. Fox, Rodger/Mary Yandall Rodger Fox and Mary Yandall (LP). Circular 1987.

27. Fox, Rodger/Midge Marsden Let the good times roll (LP). Circular 1985.

28. Fox, Rodger/Mike Booth Walking together (LP). Circular 1986.

29. Fox, Rodger Time piece (LP). Ode 1978.

30. Fox, Rodger Live at Montreux (LP). Ode 1980.

31. Fox, Rodger The New York tapes (LP). Ode 1981.

32. Fox, Rodger Heavy company (with Bobby Shew) (LP). Circular 1981.

33. Fox, Rodger Live at the 15th Montreux Jazz Festival 1981 (with the Novi Singers) (LP). Circular 1981.

34. Fox, Rodger Something juicy (with Bill Reichenbach) (LP). Circular 1983.

35. Fox, Rodger Just friends (LP). Circular 1986.

36. Golden Horn Big Band Golden Horn Big Band (LP). Ode 1975.

37. Golden Horn Big Band It’s a dream (LP). Ode 1977.

38. Harris, Denise Love songs and all that jazz (LP). Kiwi Pacific 1986.

39. Hopp, Dick A labour of love (LP). Ode 1980.

40. Jazz-a-Plenty Jazz-a-Plenty one (LP). TJF 1984.

41. Jazz-a-Plenty Plays gold (LP). Tartar 1985.

42. Lee, Julian Fats enough (LP). ABC 197_.

43. Lestre, Paul A nite at the Hi Diddle Griddle (LP). Stebbing 1962.

44. Louise, Martha Mixed feelings (LP). Ode 1985.

45. McNeill, Malcolm Malcolm McNeill (LP). Tartar 1982.

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47. McNeill, Malcolm The four seasons (LP). Tartar 1985.

48. McNeill, Malcolm Songdance (LP). EMI 1986.

49. New Zealand Jazz Orchestra New Zealand Jazz Orchestra (LP). Kiwi Pacific 1980.

50. New Zealand Jazz Orchestra Original jazz compositions by New Zealanders (LP). Kiwi Pacific 1982.

51. New Zealand Jazz Orchestra New Zealand Jazz Orchestra with Anna Leah (cassette). Kiwi Pacific 1984.

52. Nock, Mike/Fourth Wave The sun and the moon have come together (LP). Harvest 197_.

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54. Nock, Mike Between or beyond (LP). MPS 197_.

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57. Nock, Mike Magic mansions (with Charlie Mariano, Ron McClure) (LP). Laurie 1978.

58. Nock, Mike Solo (LP). Ode 1979.

59. Nock, Mike Talisman (LP). Enja 1979.

60. Nock, Mike Opal heart (with Dave Liebman) (LP). Ode 1979.

61. Nock, Mike Climbing (with John Abercrombie, David Friesen) (LP). Tomato 1979.

62. Nock, Mike In, out and around (with Michael Brecker, George Mraz) (LP). Timeless-Muse 1979.

63. Nock, Mike Succubus (with Alex Foster, Tom Rainey) (LP). Sutra 1980.

64. Nock, Mike Ondas (with Eddie Gomez, John Christensen) (LP). ECM 1982.

65. Nock, Mike Strata (LP). Kiwi Pacific 1984.

66. Parallel 37 Auckland jazz (LP). Ode 1981.

67. Rouse, Ernie Trad (LP). Salem 1967.

68. Sadler, Sally Sally Sadler (LP). Ode 1986.

69. Sahara Sahara featuring Martin Winch (LP). RCA 1984.

70. Smith, Brian Southern excursion (LP). Ode 1984.

71. Society Jazzmen Vintage trad (LP). Zodiac 1970.

72. Society Jazzmen Society Jazzmen now (LP). Zodiac 1973.

73. Southern Jazzmen The Southern Jazzmen (LP). Robbins 1975.

74. Space Case Executive decision (LP). Ode 1981.

75. Space Case Space Case 2 (LP). Ode 1983.

76. Space Case Space Case 3 (LP). Ode 1985.

77. Vintage Jazz Band New Orleans-New Zealand (LP). RCA 19__.

78. Yates, Joy/Dave MacRae Forecast (LP). Tartar 1984.

79. Youth Jazz Orchestra Yamaha Youth Jazz Orchestra and High School Jazz Orchestra (cassette). Radio New Zealand 1984.

80. Youth Jazz Orchestra 1985 Youth Jazz Orchestra (cassette). Radio New Zealand 1985.

Jazz Compilations

1. Iris (LP) incl: Phil Broadhurst, Andy Brown, Frank Gibson. Ode 197_.

2. Jazz (for listening) Wellington (LP) incl: Ken Avery, Chuck Fowler, Keith Evans, Brian Hands, Paul Kimble, Geoff Murphy. Philips 1966.

3. Tauranga jazz festival, 1967 (LP) incl: Bernie Allen, Dave Donovan, Jim Langabeer, Wendy Moore, Ernie Rouse, Tauranga Swing. TJF 1967.

4. Tauranga jazz festival, 1968 (LP) incl: Blue Note Quartet, Climax Jazz Band, Frank Gibson, Jim Langabeer, Southern Cross Jazz Band. TJF 1968.

5. Tauranga jazz festival, 1969 (LP) incl: Auckland Neophonic Orchestra, Max Brown, Eureka Jazz Gentlemen, Jazz Adventurers, Pete O’Gara. TJF 1969.

6. Tauranga jazz festival, 1970 (LP) incl: Max Brown, Max Bailey, Jack Friedlander, John Carson, Frank Gibson, Ernie Rouse. TJF 1970.

7. Tauranga jazz festival, 1971 (LP) incl: Auckland Neophonic, Bill Coleman, Frank Gibson, Noel McGrail. TJF 1971.

8. Tauranga jazz festival, 1973 (LP) incl: Auto Glass Menagerie, Judy Bailey, Borkum Riff, Dr. Tree, NZ Trading Company. TJF 1973.

9. Tauranga jazz festival, 1974 (LP) incl: Ken Avery, Dr. Tree, Julian Lee, Quincy Conserve, Society Jazzmen. TJF 1974.

10. Tauranga jazz festival, 1978 (LP) incl: John Carson, Darktown Strutters, 1860 Band, Rodger Fox, Masterton Big Band, Music Shop. TJF 1978.

Folk and bluegrass

1. Acoustic Confusion Hazy days (LP). Real Groovy 1984.

2. Band of Hope Jug Band The Band of Hope Jug Band (LP). Kiwi Pacific 196_.

3. Beggarmen Hi for the Beggarmen (LP). Kiwi 1970.

4. Bennett, Marilyn If you gotta go (go now) (LP). Tartar 1971.

5. Bluegrass Expedition The Bluegrass Expedition (LP). Pye 1975.

6. Bluegrass Expedition Settling in (LP). Kiwi Pacific 1976.

7. Blyth, Thelma/Hamilton County Bluegrass Band Thelma Blyth and HCBB (LP). Kiwi Pacific 197_.

8. Blyth, Thelma An evening at the Poles Apart (LP). Kiwi Pacific 197_.

9. Bond, Paul In sight of the mountain (LP). Cityfolk 1985.

10. Bushfire Bushfire! (LP). Music World 1983.

11. Calder, Dave and Panda Come in stranger (LP). Kiwi Pacific 1970.

12. Canterbury Bush Orchestra Swags to riches (LP). Kiwi Pacific 1979.

13. Canterbury Bush Orchestra Clear the board: music for colonial dancing (LP). Kiwi Pacific 1981.

14. Canterbury Crutchings Bush and Ceilidh Band The old station days (LP). Kiwi Pacific 1976.

15. Cape, Peter New Zealand vernacular ballads (LP). Kiwi Pacific 1965.

16. Cape, Peter Peter Cape’s Kiwi ballads (LP-reissue). Kiwi Pacific 1975.

17. Clark, Lynn The gulls of Naxos (LP). Cityfolk 1984.

18. Cleveland, Les The songs we sang: folklore of World War II (LP). Kiwi Pacific 1975.

19. Cleveland, Les More songs we sang (LP). Kiwi Pacific 197_.

20. Colquhoun, Neil Neil Colquhoun and Tamaki College Choir (LP). Kiwi Pacific 197_.

21. Country Deal Max, Graeme and Colin (LP). Kiwi Pacific 1969.

22. Cumming, Alistair Alistair C. Cumming (LP). Kiwi Pacific 196_.

23. Curtis, Martin Gin and raspberry (LP). Cityfolk 1983.

24. Curtis, Martin Back from the hills (LP). Cityfolk 1985.

25. Delahunty, Jim The shanty by the way (EP). Little Mermaid 196_.

26. Eckert, Doug Our lives fit together for a while (LP). Ode 1980.

27. Edo, Neva The folk album (LP). Viking 196_.

28. Edo, Neva The Irish album (LP). Viking 196_.

29. Franklin, Rex The good old days (LP). Viking 1970.

30. Franklin, Rex Country gold (LP). Philips 1972.

31. Fyfe, Frank In concert (cassette). Jolly Roger 1980.

32. Garland, Phil One hundred years ago (LP). Action 1967.

33. Garland, Phil Down a country road (LP). Kiwi Pacific 1971.

33. Garland, Phil Song of a young country (LP). Kiwi Pacific 1972.

34. Garland, Phil This is New Zealand (LP). Ode 1974.

35. Garland, Phil Colonial yesterdays (LP). Kiwi Pacific 1975.

36. Garland, Phil The old station days (LP). Kiwi Pacific 1976.

37. Garland, Phil Swags to riches (LP). Kiwi Pacific 1979.

38. Garland, Phil While the billy boils: NZ Folklore Society fieldtapes (cassette). Down Under 1980.

39. Garland, Phil While the billy boils, volume two (cassette). Down Under 1980.

40. Garland, Phil Springtime in the mountains (LP). Kiwi Pacific 1984.

41. Garland, Phil Clear the board (LP). Kiwi Pacific 1985.

42. Garland, Phil Hunger in the air: songs of old New Zealand (LP). Kiwi Pacific 1986.

43. Garland, Phil A homestead in New Zealand. (LP). Kiwi Pacific 1986.

44. Garnett, Gale My kind of folksongs (LP). RCA 196_.

45. Garnett, Gale Lovin’ place (LP). RCA 196_.

46. Garnett, Gale The many faces of Gale Garnett (LP). RCA 196_.

47. Gentle Annie Gentle Annie (LP). Ode 1982.

48. Ginger Minge Bush Band Ginger Minge Bush Band (cassette). Jolly Roger 1979.

49. Greenstones Introducing the Greenstones (LP). HMV 1965.

50. Hamilton County Bluegrass Band/Bill Clifton Two shades of bluegrass (LP). Kiwi Pacific 1970.

51. Hamilton County Bluegrass Band Hamilton County Bluegrass Band (LP). Festival 1967.

52. Hamilton County Bluegrass Band Yesterday’s gone (LP). Kiwi Pacific 1968.

53. Hamilton County Bluegrass Band Recorded live at the Poles Apart Folk Club, Auckland (LP). Kiwi Pacific 1969.

54. Hamilton County Bluegrass Band Fifth season (LP). EMI 1970.

55. Hamilton County Bluegrass Band In concert: live at the Wynyard Tavern (LP). HMV 1971.

56. Hamilton County Bluegrass Band For you (LP). Columbia 1972.

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59. Hamilton County Bluegrass Band Goodtime country music (LP). Kiwi Pacific 1974.

60. Hamilton County Bluegrass Band The country touch (LP). Kiwi Pacific 1978.

61. Hamilton County Bluegrass Band Orange blossom special (LP). Axis 1978.

62. Harding, Mike Time on the road (LP). Cityfolk 1984.

63. Harper, Jonathon Pictures (LP). Kiwi Pacific 1986.

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67. Homegrown Homegrown (LP). Cityfolk 1981.

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73. Metsers, Paul In the hurricane’s eye (LP). Sagem 1979.

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81. Ourselves Alone Irish rebel music, old and new (LP). Tartar 1986.

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83. Scotsmen One more couple please (LP). Radio New Zealand 1975.

84. Scotsmen Two more couples please: music for Scottish country dancing (LP). Radio New Zealand 1976.

85. Smith, Christine Best of Christine Smith (LP). Master 1971.

86. Song Spinners Songs of the whalers (EP). Kiwi Pacific 1967.

87. Song Spinners Songs of the gold diggers (EP). Kiwi Pacific 1968.

88. Song Spinners Songs of the gum diggers (EP). Kiwi Pacific 1969.

89. Song Spinners Songs of Africa (EP). Kiwi Pacific 1970.

90. Song Spinners Sing around the world (LP). Kiwi Pacific 1970.

91. Song Spinners Songs of Cazna-Gyp (EP). Kiwi Pacific 1970.

92. Southern Cross Ceili Band Scottish ramble (LP). HMV 197_.

93. Southern Cross Ceili Band A friendly visit from Seamus Hallissey and the SCCB (LP). HMV 197_.

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101. Tait, Kathryn Original songs (LP). Private recording 1983.

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120. Young, Beverley Bushes and briars (LP). Ode 1986.

Folk and bluegrass compilations

1. Ah de doo dah day (LP) incl: Tony Brittenden, Hugh Canard, Phil Garland, Christine Smith.
Odessa 1969.

2. An evening at the Poles Apart Folk Club (LP) incl: Thelma Blyth, Hamilton County, Dave Jordan, Redd Sullivan, Bill Taylor.
Kiwi Pacific 1969.

3. Auckland acoustics (LP) incl: Wayne Gillespie, Siren, Nick Smith, Kathryn Tait.
Real Groovy 1985.

4. Ballads to blues: Wellington folk festival, 1976 (cassette) incl: Marg Layton, Paul Metsers, Mitch Park, Mike Stanley, Alan Young.
Jolly Roger 1976.

5. Ballads to blues: Wellington folk festival, 1977 (cassette) incl: Grace Carpenter, El M’Fud, Dave Hart, Kilderkin, John Sutherland.
Jolly Roger 1977.

6. Ballads to blues: Wellington folk festival, 1978 (cassette) incl: Trish Davidson, Gurty’s Frolics, David Hollis, Paul Hutchings, Graham Wilson.
Jolly Roger 1978.

7. Ballads to blues: Wellington folk festival, 1979 (cassette) incl: Marg Layton, Paul Metsers, Pride of Holland Street, Marcus Turner.
Jolly Roger 1979.

8. Canterbury Folk Festival, 1977 (cassette).
Jolly Roger 1977.

9. Canterbury Folk Festival, 1980 farewell concert (cassette).
Down Under 1980.

10. Canterbury Folk Festival, 1980 welcoming concert (cassette) incl: Dalriada, Warren Fahey, Martha Louise, Rural Delivery, Urban Renewal.
Down Under 1980.

11. Christchurch Arts Festival folk concert, 1972 (cassette).
Down Under 1980.

12. Christchurch Folk Festival 1973 (cassette) incl: Canterbury Crutchings, Croodin Cant, Hamilton County Bluegrass Band.
Down Under 1980.

13. Erupt into song (cassette) incl: Neil Cleaver, Kayle Edwards, Janet Muggeridge, Chris Palmer.
Taranki Pioneer Village 1986.

14. Folk ’80 (LP) incl: Dalriada, Wayne Finch, Jenny Kilpatrick, Mitch Park, Threepenny Folly, Marcus Turner.
Sausage 1980.

15. Folk concert down under (LP) incl: Don King, Rod MacKinnon, Val Murphy, Arthur Toms, David Whaley.
HMV 197_.

16. Folk music at Moller’s: the 5th Auckland Folk Music Festival, 1978 (LP) incl: Amazing Hoggett, Bolick Brothers, El M’Fud, Martha Louise, Steve Moffat.
Private recording 1978.

17. Folk music at the Tennessee Jugge, Dunedin: artists from the 12th Fret Folk Club (LP) incl: Neil Copeland, Mingle Wood, Chris Noakes, John Penno, Southern Sunset, Peter Wilkes.
Salem 1971.

18. Gisborne folk festival, 1976 (cassette).
Jolly Roger 1978.

19. Gisborne folk festival, 1978 (cassette).
Jolly Roger 1978.

20. Jade (LP) incl: Dave Chadwick, Mike Dew, Peter Conway.
Private recording 1977.

21. National banjo pickers’ convention, Hamilton 1970 (LP) incl: Marion Arts, Bill Clifton, Mountain Ramblers, Stoney Lonesome, Tamburlaine, Max Winnie.
Kiwi Pacific 1970.

22. National banjo pickers’ convention, Ngaruawahia 1969 (LP) incl: Penny Evison, John Hayday, Dave Jordan, George Stewart.
Kiwi Pacific 1969.

23. National banjo pickers’ convention, Te Rapa 1968 (LP) incl: Buckhead Strugglers, Clive Collins, Jim Doak, Hamilton County Bluegrass Band, Palmerston North Bluegrass Band, Pitt Ramsey.
Kiwi Pacific 1968.

24. National folk festival, May 1970 (cassette) incl: Dave Branigan, Chris Cross, Penny Evison, Greasy Handfull, Don Milne.
Private recording 1970.

25. Paths (LP) incl: Paul Bond, Martin Curtis, Kathy Tait, Chris Thompson, Ian Turbitt.
Cityfolk 1982.

26. Port Nicholson folk festival, June 1974 (cassette).
Private recording 1974.

27. Port Nicholson folk festival, June 1975 (cassette).
Private recording 1975.

28. Sawyers Arms folk festival, Tikokino, 1977 (cassette).
Jolly Roger 1977.

29. Sea shanties (LP) incl: Gavin Asher, John Jones, John McGowan, Rudy Sunde.
Ode 1986.

30. Send the boats away (LP) incl: Dave Chadwick, Lynn Clark, Martin Curtis, Mike Moroney, Ken Ring.
Cityfolk 1986.

31. Seven in one blow (cassette) incl: Acoustic Confusion, Mike Harding, Nexus, Siren, Colin Spear.
Industrial 1984.

32. Simple gifts: the Whare Flat folk festival, 1982-3 (LP) incl: Paul Bond, Dalriada, David Kidd, Barrie McDonald, Marcus Turner.
Cityfolk 1983.

33. Sixth national folk festival, May 1978 (LP) incl: Dave Branigan, Chris Cross, Penny Evison, Greasy Handfull, John Hannon, Don Milne.
Private recording 1978.

34. Song of a young country: New Zealand folksongs (LP) incl: Neil Colquohoun, Driving Creek, Phil Garland, Dave Skinner, Tamburlaine.
Kiwi Pacific 1971.

35. Songs of the shearers (LP) incl: Ernie Andrew, Jack Denley, Tony Hyland.
Kiwi Pacific 1986.

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